About Us

History of Natural Nuts

Natural Nuts emerged after numerous researches carried out in different regions of the Northeast, in order to bring to the market the best and most tasty Brazil nuts.

The levels of nutrients in our nuts are higher and the flavor is natural, the result of a thorough study so that you have an exquisite, healthy and tasty product in your home.

Try the Natural Nuts product line:

- Roasted and Salted Cashews

- Caramelized Cashew Nuts

- Chestnut of Pará

- Roasted and salted appetizer mix

- Cashew Nut with Chocolate 70% Cocoa

- Caramelized Pecan Nut

Packaging / delivery options:

- 50g and 100g sachet

- Zip Lock Sachet 100g

- 100g and 200g cans

- In bulk / vacuum-packed / from 1kg to 25kgs per package

Chestnuts made with LOVE

This is our brand.

We believe that in addition to offering the best product to the market, we must offer products made with LOVE. And this love begins with the harvest of our chestnuts.

We seek partnerships with the same purpose as ours.

And it's amazing that when we emanate good, it comes back to us.

We met amazing people on the way to building the Natural Nuts brand.

Correct, hardworking, kind and strong people appeared and made everything take shape as dreamed by us.

What we want is that Natural Nuts is not just another brand of chestnuts on the market, because in fact, it goes far beyond that.

They are people, families and dreams behind each nut.

So, allied to all this love that we put in our brand, we want to deliver a dose of health for your days.

Our mission is to bring a healthy, natural product, from the land, with the taste of northeast Brazil, which makes Natural Nuts nuts the best and most tasty Brazil nuts.

Therefore, we affirm without fear that the best of the best chestnuts is ours!

Natural Nuts Team

Castanha de Caju Natural Nuts - Saudável
Noz Pecan Caramelizada para o lanche
Natural Nuts no café da manhã
Natural Nuts na sua salada
Natural Nuts na sua sobremesa
Natural Nuts - Noz Pecan Caramelizada - Simples e prático
Natural Nuts - Castanha de Caju Torrada e Salgada W1
Natural Nuts - Castanha de Caju com Chocolate 70 Cacau - A melhor das melhores