At Natural Nuts you will find the best cashew nuts and their derivatives that make up a healthy and nutritious meal.

Our main objective is to bring you healthy, nutritious and tasty food. Whether for a snack or to accompany your favorite drink on Happy Hour. 

Natural Nuts nuts come with sustainable packaging that causes less damage to the environment and your health. Besides, they are super practical and you can always take your nuts wherever you want.

Check the video in Youtube for a brief presentation of our brand.

Benefits of Cashew

 Cashew nuts are usually consumed as snacks and are used to make sauces, baked goods, folders and butter. 

Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients and in healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. 

Eating a few cashew nuts a day can help lower blood pressure, help with weight loss and prevent heart disease. 

Nutritional Value

You will find the nutritional value of each Natural Nuts product on its respective page. When entering a specific product page on our website, check the nutritional information in the description.

In addition to being rich in good fats, cashew nuts have vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

A nutritious and tasty snack that will fill your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Benefits for your health

Check out the list of some benefits that cashew nuts will provide you:

  1. Improves heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease

  2. Lowers blood pressure

  3. Increases the body's immunity against diseases

  4. Excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

  5. Can prevent gallstones

  6. Helps increase the production of collagen, essential protein for healthy skin and hair.

  7. Strengthens bones and keeps joints flexible.

  8. Strengthens eye health and prevents macular degeneration.

  9. Helps in managing and controlling weight loss

  10. Helps prevent cancer.

  11. Your good fats can prevent and better manage diabetes.

  12. Reduction of damage to the nervous system.

  13. Reduces Risk of Anemia

Why Buy Cashew Nuts at Natural Nuts?

It is important to make clear that there are different quality standards for cashew nuts. The quality standard depends on the process of harvesting and selecting the best fruits.

Many people look for the lowest prices without knowing how the selection process is carried out and what is the quality standard of the nut.

That's why many chestnuts we buy around are broken, dirty and even spoiled. 

It is increasingly difficult to select the best cashew nut, because unfortunately, many companies say that the cashew nut is of the W1 type (high quality standard), but in fact they have a low nutritional value and low quality. That's why it's important to be very careful.

At Natural Nuts the most important is the selection process, where we separate the best nuts to be consumed. This rigorous process is essential to increase the nutritional value of each cashew nut. 

Our products have a proven seal of quality and meet the highest nutritional standards.

We are one of the only Brazilian brands that are included in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), an agency in the United States that monitors and controls the quality of food.

In addition, Natural Nuts promotes family farming that helps and improves the quality of life of many people. 

Below is a brief video on how our quality processes are done.

Nuts from Natural Nuts

You will find a variety of flavors on our website and partner stores.

Among the products are roasted and salted cashewnuts, caramelizedcashews, cashew nuts with chocolate 70cacao, Brazilnuts, cashews mix with nuts, almonds and peanuts and the wonderful caramelized pecannut.

We have sweet and savory options for all tastes!

You can also choose the packaging of your choice: 50g bag, 100g bag, 100g can, 200g can and 100g ziplock packaging with open and close mechanism, where you can consume your nuts in comfort and convenience.

If you like quantity, we also offer all these flavors in bulk ranging from 1kg to 8kg vacuum packed or from 15kg to 25kg in aluminized packaging.

Main questions about cashew nuts We

share some frequent questions from our customers about the consumption of nuts, the quality of our products and where you can find Natural Nuts.

How many cashew nuts can I eat a day?

Here is a recurring question from our customers. An average of 25 to 40 cashew nuts (40 g) per day is recommended. Eating more than that amount can cause side effects such as headaches and bloating. 

Do cashew nuts gain weight?

Despite being dense in calories, cashew nuts have good fats and antioxidants that help and control weight loss. Of course, we cannot overdo our daily consumption.

Can I add cashew nuts in cooking?

Yes. In fact, cashew nuts are used to make pastes, butters, sauces, desserts, etc.

And of course, it's the perfect appetizer because it includes a high nutritional value.

When is the best time to eat my Natural Nuts?

You can consume any time of day. But we recommend an aperitif in the morning or an afternoon snack between meals, it's a great choice!

Many people also consume it before and after training at the gym because of the high nutritional value that Brazil nuts have.

Where Can I Find Natural Nuts Nuts?

You can buy directly on our website with all security and comfort! We deliver throughout Brazil within 10 working days. 

In addition, we offer different forms of payment: bank slip, credit card, debit card or transfer.

We also have affiliated stores throughout Brazil that already work with our products. If you can't find our product in your city, send a direct to our Instagram and tell us which store in your city you want to see Natural Nuts.

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